The musical skill of this couple complements the impressive reach of their pan-hispanic musical repertoire and marks Correo Aereo as one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years.”



Traditional and contemporary at the same time, but most of all beautiful, very beautiful.”



They create world music with true heart and intelligence.”



“Their music has sabor. Madeleine is constant and fluid motion. Her hands, legs, her hips sway. She doesn’t shake the maracas, she jerks, snaps, rolls, twirls and spins them. Abel is the counterweight; is relaxed, confident style of playing holds the stage together and makes the music solid. A better pair of performers I’ve not seen in Austin…or anywhere else. There’s a huge difference between good performers and just good musicians. Abel and Madeleine are by far the best of both. Take my advice: skip class, skip work, skip Emos, and even skip Son Yuma if you have to. See Correo Aereo.”



“Musically, a Correo Aéreo performance is like stepping through a doorway into another time and place…. Together, their vocal harmonies are locked in carnal embrace, though it’s Abel’s plaintive cry, sung with an expression that mixes pleasure and pain, that’s positively bewitching. As the couple trades longing glances, their sensual yet buoyant music dances gaily about a gently percussive beat and uplifting melodies. It’s hard not to lose yourself completely in the quiet passion of this subtly dramatic music…. Correo Aéreo was conjuring up musical spells…(their) magic was too strong for me. I never had a chance.”



“Correo Aereo is deeply respectful of the traditions they present yet they are not afraid to explore new directions that expand the parameters of their art form. [They] offer superb performance. They are true professionals with exacting standards. They will only put on stage work that they have honed to perfection. Above all, I love to be in their presence when they perform. At times to watch their vivid presence on-stage, at others to listen, with my eyes closed, to the beauty of their sounds.”

Spider Kedelsky, Producer/Curator, Town Hall Seattle, Global Rhythms Series

“Postcards can be like little maps. I’m not talking about those thoughtless “wish you were here” cards some people send. I’m talking about those carefully written missives which include the most distilled reflections of the sender…. The recipient can savor a time and place distinct from his own, through the muse of a trusted friend. Cards like this you save to read over and over again. The duo Correo Aéreo (Air Mail) brings the same response.”

Austin American-Statesman



“As an educator, I value their authoritative explanations done with elegance and ease. They captivated all of us with their demonstrations and commentary about cultural and historical issues related to Latin music. They have the capacity and character to lecture, give clinics and workshops at any university or college, whether in areas of humanities or social sciences. Listening to their performance one can unite space and time across cultures.”

Dr. Juan Tony Guzman, Head of Jazz Dept. Luther College


The Music of Corre’o Ae’ero carried the audience to a new world with soul filled with beauty and courage. The instrumentation transformed the audience from distant observers to intimate participants in a struggle for a cultural voice. Abel’s and Madeleine’s musical creations are intricately related to the cultural origins of the people of Venezuela, Mexico, and Argentina. Their performance inspired respect about a culture and people whose voice is rarely heard and even more rarely experienced”

Hamline University